About us

Conversation Alive connects people from around the world who wish to practice and improve their English fluency through online conversation classes. Our model is unique because students have a live teacher and are able to speak in small groups. Also, classes are fully live and incredibly inexpensive. A subscription-based model offers students unlimited access to online classes on a given schedule.  


Study English with People from Around the World - A Real English Conversation Experience with Classes 100% Online

Conversation Alive is an online education company based in Orlando, Florida, USA, and owned and operated by the language school Liberty Language Academy. We understand that people can always practice 3 language skills (reading, writing, and listening) by themselves. However, most people who speak English at an intermediate level or above find it difficult to have a conversation in English in their home country. At times it is hard to find someone who speaks English fluently and when they do, they often speak their native language. Conversation Alive was created to help these students practice their conversation skills and meet new people from all over the world with this same goal. So, if you would like to keep your conversation alive, subscribe now and join us!


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